Baby: Sea Urchin Light

sea urchin


It seems like almost everyone that steps in to Ryan’s sweet bedroom falls in love with this light fixture! Sounds funny, to fall in love with a light fixture, but it’s true! It is the first thing you really notice when you walk in to her room and since her ceiling is pitched, it draws the eye right to it.

I understand the feeling, I fell in love with it the minute I stumbled across it on ETSY. Thomas Brown and Zach Dutton are doing some cool shiz over there! Believe it or not, it was the first piece I bought for her bedroom! Everything else was built around this light.

It is on a dimmer, so it is lovely evening light when I am putting her down at night…but packs enough of a punch to light up her whole room when it’s time to party! We love love love this sea urchin!

To check out more of their great lights pop over to DuttonBrown

Please note, it showed up packaged perfectly and quickly! They even sent me some extra chain since my ceiling was high. Gotta love a reliable Etsy store!

Thanks Thomas & Zach, we are loving our light!


photo by belathee
photo by belathee

**Please note: just to air on the side of caution, never hang a light fixture over baby’s crib/bed. **