Lemon, Rosemary & Maldon Smushed Potatoes

smashed potatoes

I know we are all about mashed potatoes this time of year but what about smushed potatoes?? These little naughties are perfect for the holidays because once the new year rolls around everyone will be looking to clean their act up.

OK, yes they are fried. Yes, they are starchy. But can I sell you on them in other ways? <clears throat> They are…gluten free? And vegan? haha

That’s pretty much all I got. They are just super tasty and have great texture. They are soft in the middle and nice and crunchy on the outside, like a french fry, plus the lemony salty rosemary flavor takes these babies to the next level!

Here is how ya make them…


Boil a handful of small potatoes

Heat up a large skillet with 3/4 cup vegetable oil

Get a plate ready with a paper towel, this to to absorb the oil when they are finished


Once the potatoes are cooked, strain them. Using the bottom of a mason jar…or any jar…VERY LIGHTLY smush the potatoes. One at a time, and set them very gently in to the hot oil.  I will tell you, there is a technique here. It might take you a few potatoes to feel it. You gotta push hard enough to smush them but you can’t put too hard and smash them. I also like to put a drop of the hot potato water or some of the oil on the bottom of the mason jar or potato. That way the smushed potato won’t stick to the bottom of the jar.

Gently flip the smushed potato with a fish flipper or spatula. Remove from oil when golden brown and place of paper towel.

When you have a big full plate, squeeze 1 small lemon wedge across all the potatoes, and shower them with chunky sea salt (like Maldon) and finely chopped rosemary!

For even more goodness, try a fine sprinkle of good quality parmesan reggiano!

nom nom nom! xo