Give Back: Emmanuelle Chriqui



Most of you know Emmanuelle Chriqui as every guy’s dream girl, Sloan, on the mega hit Entourage…or as a bad ass contract killer on Cleaners…the list goes on and on. I know her as Em. I am fortunate to call this dynamic and kind woman my friend. She is beautiful and funny. Spiritual, smart and sassy.

Her big heart has found it’s way to the Congo. Where poverty, illegal mining and the war against women runs rampant. An advocate for women, and people in general, Emmanuelle is doing what she can to make a change. Raising awareness is a great start.


What inspired you to get involved with Raise Hope for Congo? I watched a doc called ‘The Greatest Silence’. The strength and unity that I saw in women that have survived such horrific crimes set something off in my heart and it was the ultimate call to action.

What do you believe would most transform (this particular situation)? I think the most important thing we can do is raise awareness for the women and girls in the congo. Most people don’t know that the Congo is one of the most dangerous places in the world for a woman to exist, because rape if used as a weapon of warfare. Second, I believe we won’t find peace in the Congo until our electronic companies and jewelers mine conflict free minerals.

What has been your best giving experience? We did a rally at The University of wisconis madison with aaron rodgers. The event was covered by ESPN, which was incredible because the sports community has such a wide reach that we were really able to spread the message in such a grand fashion. I also love that the  university is now a conflict free campus. So now all the students are super aware of the electronics they use.

What brings you the most joy? One of the things that brings me the most joy is when I am dancing, like really dancing, with reckless abandon.

What is one thing you would tell your 15 year old self? I have been thinking alot about this lately. I think I would tell her to love herself more. Alot more. We are so incredibly mean to ourselves.

What is your go-to “get hyped” song? Well, this morning on my way to the gym Selena Gomez’s “I wanna be good for ya” is what got me jazzed for the day!

What do you tell yourself when you need motivation/and or feeling blue? I meditate everyday. On a good day 2x a day. I practiceTM. It has changed my life.

When do you feel the most beautiful? On the beach, in the sun. My skin fully sun kissed, salt in my hair and in tune with the elements.

What is the biggest change you wish to see in the world? I would like to see more kindness and compassion. Less hate and more love across the board.

Do you have any fears? I think the thing  was most fearful of in my life was losing my father. The thought of it crippled me for 20 plus years. When It happened four years ago I literally stepped through my greatest fear. So now the things that scare me feel so trivial.

Who has had the most influence on you in your life? Without a doubt, my parents continue to be the biggest influence in my life. Although they are no longer here, their influence manifets itself in all my cations.

How do you empower the women around you? By being as loving as I know how to be, and I think in turn, the more I learn to love myself…the more loving and a better friend I can be to the women around me. #TRUTH

How do you “unplug”? The spa is great for that and to escape somewhere that cell phones don’t even work is the greatest unplug of all.

How do you find a work-life balance? By really surrounding myself with people whos company I love and people who aren’t necessarily in my same business.

What is the biggest challenge you see for the generation of women behind us? I feel like we have only just scratched the surface of what women can truly accomplish. In so many parts of the world, the biggest challenge women will face is the continued fight to be seen as anything other than second class citizens. It will be up to our young women to continue down the path of equality that the generations of women before them have started to pave.

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