Baby: Tips for Newborn Pics

Every mom dreams of capturing that perfect sweet baby moment, the one that sums up the innocence and pure sweetness of their newborn. Moms also know this can be a difficult task!!! My friend Hannah gifted us with a newborn photo shoot when Ryan was born. It was such a thoughtful gift!

I have to admit, I was nervous! Would she be a perfect angel? Would she sit still? Would she cry the whole time?

Oh man. Here goes nothing!

The super sweet and friendly, Valorie Darling @ValorieDarling , was our photographer. She shot our maternity pictures and right away, I knew that it was going to be ok. Try to choose someone that you know, or someone that has calm and kind energy. As you know, babies are all about energy!

Here are some of my tips for getting the babes nice and comfy…


Ryan, 3 weeks. Photo by Valorie Darling
Ryan, 3 weeks. Photo by Valorie Darling


First, warm up the room. Nobody likes to go from the warm arms of mommy to sitting solo and chilly, while people ooh & ahh at you.




Next, get them in their “outfit” and fill their tummy! Nurse or offer them a big warm bottle. A full baby is usually a happy baby.

Try some noise! Sophie the Giraffe, or any toy that squeeks! A couple quick sounds near the lens and they will usually look up to see what is going on!

Finally, just let it go…don’t expect to get Anne Geddes style pictures!!! Babies don’t always like to sit in flower pots! Our babe decided to sleep the whole time so we just went with it.

Aim to capture YOUR baby’s vibe…not one you saw on pinterest or on your friend’s birth announcement.




I promise, even if there are some hiccups along the way…you will love those first photos forever.