Home: Marquee Lights

Matty & Ryan
photo by Belathee

I don’t know about you, but I love marquee lights! I have seen them used so many different ways and I have always wanted to incorporate one in to my home! The problems I always faced? Which style to pick? Where do I put it? Will I get sick of it?

Then, I found a heart marquee light that I loved…I figured that I could throw it on a dimmer and put it up on the wall in Ryan’s room…maybe even as a soothing night light. Plus, my mom had been asking me about something that she could get her for her room…this was perfect!

Mom & Ryan
photo by Belathee

Wellll…baby brain over here never checked the dimensions! When it arrived it was HUGE! So big, it couldn’t even fit in my mom’s suv. It couldn’t go in Ryan’s room. What was I going to do with this thing?? Then, it hit me! The ceiling in our stairwell is really really high! We nestled it high in the stairwell, looking over the whole house…I love the soft glow of it in the evenings and it is perfectly neutral against our almost-white walls.

Other great ways to try marquee lights? In the kitchen and outside!!! They look great on a covered patio, on an outdoor bar, or in a courtyard entry…