Baby: Banana, Breastmilk & Cinnamon


Banana has been a baby favorite since the beginning of time…it is sweet, filling and usually pretty easy on their tummies. But what about adding some cinnamon to boost the flavor a bit? I love the idea of introducing bold flavors at a young age! Lots of other countries introduce spices at an early age…we tend to be the only ones that start with the bland rice cereals and plain veggies.

I love this combo for a couple reasons…every baby is bound to love it! Banana AND breastmilk? How can you go wrong?

Since it is suggested that you wait till baby is 8 months to try spices like cinnamon, this is a great way to use up any frozen breast milk too! Check the dates! Any bags that are reaching their expiration dates are perfect.

***Please note! If you are freezing any banana for later it CANNOT be frozen with breastmilk! So mix it in to baby’s individual serving!***

2 Tbsp puree banana

4 tbsp breastmilk (or water or formula)

1 small sprinkle of cinnamon

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