Sweet Prints for Ryan’s Room

Little Sweet Pea, photo by Belathee
Little Sweet Pea, photo by Belathee

When Ryan was born we were still renovating our house! We were living in a cute duplex in West Hollywood that was perfect for me and Matty, but once baby arrived, we were filled to the brim! Everything we had collected for her nursery sat there…in it’s box…waiting to be moved in to the new house. We set up a sweet make shift nursery in my office room, but I couldn’t wait to get her real room all set up!

One of the first things we started to collect for her were cute colorful prints to frame and fill a wall. I started poking around Etsy, Pinterest and all kinds of fun baby sites.



I fell in love with this white baby tiger print and we scooped it up right away. The other ones are all collected from different sites, and most of them were under 20$.


California Girl

I really wanted a clean “all white” vibe, so when I took them to get framed I amped up the mat. For this same look, give yourself a 2-3′ white mat and choose a very thin un-assuming frame. I happen to love these thin brushed brass ones.

I am so happy we went with this light and bright look! Little did we know, Ryan would be a very present and curious baby!! If we had of filled her walls with things that really popped she would have been too easily distracted during nursing or when we are trying to get her down for a nap!! Moms, you know that that is a hard enough task already!