Browned Butter



The holidays are all about rich cozy flavors, and one great trick to have up your sleeve is a perfect brown butter! It can be used in so many different ways…from cookies and cakes to roasted chicken, pasta or risotto.

You may have even “browned butter” on accident…in that case, it is a bit of a bummer.  But if toasty buttery goodness is what you are after, then this is the blog post for you.

Start off with cold butter, sliced, and as much as you want…I used two sticks for this but it makes a lot. You are probably fine with just one, but make sure to watch it closely. It will brown faster!

(I have a little trick…I add a splash, maybe 1 tbsp of olive oil to the butter. It keeps it from heating up too quickly and burning…shhhh!)


melted butter


Melt your butter on medium low heat. Stirring frequently. Don’t rush the process. Just chill, let it do it’s thing and enjoy the aroma. Once all slabs are melted you can crank it to medium if you are getting impatient but watch closely! You can go from browned to burned very quickly.




Pretty soon you will start to see little brown flecks appear…and it’s done!

I get scared, so I pour it in to another bowl so the butter won’t burn…


brown butter


You have officially browned butter.

Look out for a naughty pasta recipe that calls for browned butter…coming soon!

xo HD