Fall Is Finally Here!

Belathee Photography
Belathee Photography

Fall is finally here! I live for this time of year! Even though us Californians tend to be a bit silly looking in our cozy sweaters in this 8o degree heat… I still can’t wait to pull them out of my closet. I look forward to the brisk morning air and I am constantly looking for ways to make this time of year more festive. I wish I had time to dive head first in to the holidays and really go all out, but this year I find myself very busy! Ryan is growing and changing faster than ever and we are about to start filming the next season of The Real Girl’s Kitchen! We will definitely be celebrating, don’t get me wrong…but let’s keep it easy this year, shall we? Simple, healthy and flavorful!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I couldn’t be more GRATEFUL for all of you! Your support and love is what continues to give me the chance to do what I love. I am grateful to be able to be creative every day and love sharing my recipes, thoughts and ideas with all of you!

Cheers to the Holiday season!

xo Haylie