Some of my favorite Halloween decor ideas!

“Dead” Flowers, Apothecary Jars & Mini Pumpkins

It is finally here! Holiday season!

Halloween is my favorite! I love all the creative costumes, spooky decorations and bowls of candy!


Our neighborhood is full of young families, so everyone really likes to go all out…but just because it is Halloween doesn’t mean you have to go “cheesy”…


One thing I love to look for this time of year are “almost dead” flowers at the flower mart! They make the perfect spooky decoration and look even better as they dry out!

almost dead dahlias

The salesman might look at you crazy, but I love this look! I went with dark maroon Dahlias…Dark red roses would be great too!

Added bonus? You can usually get a good price on them too!

mini pumpkins

Another favorite of mine? Mini pumpkins! Love love love these! I fill every nook and cranny of the kitchen with them during the holidays! They are also festive as a small decoration in a child’s bedroom!

Make sure to save them! The non decorated ones should stay good through Thanksgiving…

apothecary bottles

I stumbled across some of these a few years ago and always love to pull them out around Halloween time! They are great for some added texture to just about any halloween style!


All photos from this post shot by the fab duo at Belathee Photography!