Change, will do you good…


It is finally time to put on our cozy sweaters and pull out our fall coats! I love when the air shifts in LA and we finally get to enjoy cool brisk walks, hot tottys and chilly evenings…With fall comes all sorts of great changes and it certainly was time for Real Girls Kitchen to make a change too!

My life has seemed to shift in so many directions over the last few years…actress to food blogger and tv cook….girlfriend to fiance…not to mention the biggest change of all, becoming a mother!

I love that RGK has been able to shift and change as my life has, so here we are again…welcoming change with delighted hearts. I’m going to widen the net a bit around here. You know I love to cook, and that will never change! But I’m also passionate about my home and my family. I just finished a huge renovation on our first family home and I’m going to share lots of before & after’s and inspiration ideas with you guys in the HOME section.

In the HEART section we will focus on ourselves a little, what makes us feel good, our struggles, and what inspires us to do better and be more.

BABY will be all about the little ones! Fun puree ideas, nursery decor and mommy struggles!

Finally, BOOKCLUB because why not! I love to read and have a pretty fun book club going over here…You may not live in LA, or be sitting around drinking wine with us and gossiping about our latest book… but you certainly can join in the conversation!

Expanding RGK has been so much fun for me and I hope you enjoy!

xo HD