Last night I had the pleasure of dining at LA hotspot Terrine. My oh my what a fabulous meal we had! Lovely and rich french food through and through! From the beautiful decor (The genius Kathy Delgado from VintageWeave decked this place out… the vintage silver napkin rings are incredible!) to the happy faces that greet you, I loved everything about our evening at Terrine.

Foie Gras

Lets talk about their Foie Gras, shall we? It is NEXT LEVEL. The presentation is simple, a big slice of foie gras, some pickled prunes and some fabulous crusty french bread. This appetizer is not to be missed, and Terrine is serving it up perfectly here. I for one, am happy about the foie gras ban getting lifted if it means getting to enjoy dishes like this!

Pulled duck confit

The Garbure was one of my favorite dishes! It is a pulled duck confit with ham, beans, carrots & duck broth. It is like a warm hug. Pour some of your red wine in to the bowl and watch your meal transform right in front of your eyes! It is so rich and decadent!


8265 Beverly Blvd

Los Angeles, ca 90048

Reservations recommended! Valet is around back!

xo HD


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