New Mama’s Favorite Skincare!

I found that changing all of my skincare products was one of the biggest changes that came along with pregnancy! I know it sounds silly, but if you are like me and LOVE your skincare regimen you too will find this stressful!

I have sworn by the same skincare Guru for years now (Tina at BelleVisage) and when she finally debuted her own skincare line I became an avid fan! I really believe that consistency is key when it comes to caring for your skin.

All of my “mommy” friends complained about the lack of great beauty products while they were pregnant and as I threw out everything I usually used… my heart broke! No more acids, or anything not all natural!

The first few weeks I was pregnant I didn’t tell a soul. Then finally I broke. I texted Tina and asked her if it was safe for me to use any of her products. I missed her scrubs and and serums more than I can even explain! Then, like a little angel, she told me that her line was developed to be safe for preggos too!


Here are the four products that I SWEAR by and some of the things that Tina explained to me…

** Great tip for Mommys-to-be! There have been studies that show that Vitamin D taken orally (5,000mg a day) & topically can help in autism prevention! **


HYDRATANT.K Vitamin D oil
1000 units of vitamin d per application. Topically absorbs because it’s oil based. I used sunflower oil since it doesn’t allow bacteria to enter the pores.
Hydrates and balances out skin. Massage face neck and décolleté (chest) every night to prevent age spots and cleavage lines. Vitamin D is highly anti-inflammatory so it reduces redness and irritation.
APPLICATION: use am and pm if your skin is dry/dehydrated..otherwise make this your night treatment.


2. YOGURT.K cleanser…. is filled with probiotics so topically it balances out the skin without drying it out. Probiotics are great to ingest, but topically they keep the skin calm and balanced. Yogurt has been
used for burns and bee stings for decades because it’s highly anti-inflammatory ..therefore the main ingredient in this isYogurt extract. APPLICATION.. Apply onto moist skin, massage all over and remove w/ wet washcloth


3. BENEFIT.K Vitamin D serum. This is similar to the vitamin D oil, but the base is lightweight for people that like a silky/matte finish. 1000 units of vitamin D per application. Made with Squalane oil which is olive derived.
APPLICATION: Apply am and pm under your moisturizer, has a primer finish and fast absorbing. Strengthens skin/ anti-inflammatory great for all skin types. Can be used as your moisturizer if you like lightweight hydration.


4. PERFECT.K Clay Cleanser…. Can be used am and pm if you have oily/problematic skin otherwise use at night to remove for a squeaky clean feel without drying out. I used clay base so it can naturally dissolve daily residue without the need for acid or harsh ingredients. The grain you feel is called forbidden rice which is gentle enough for daily use. The menthol you feel is what makes this cleanser pretty special.. it tightens the pores and brightens skin tone.
APPLICATION: Apply onto skin while skin is damp, massage it in (leave on for 1 min) and remove w a wet washcloth. This product doubles up as a mask, great for travel. Apply one of the vitamin D products then a thicker layer of this clay cleanser, leave for 10-15 min and remove. Skin should look tight and radiant.

You can check out all of Tina’s products on her website!  TinaKSkincare

I feel so grateful to have a line like Tina’s that can keep my skin clear through pregnancy and be safe for my baby!

Thanks Tina!

xoxo HD