Holidays, Entertaining tips, Music & More!

The holidays are here and I couldn’t be more excited! I love the fire going, cozy sweaters and the smell of home cooked meals filling the house!

There are lots of great recipes up on RGK! So let me help get you through your holiday entertaining!

Here are some of my favorite entertaining tips!

Keep it easy…Plan out simple dishes you have made before! Things that give you the chance to chat with all your guests! The last thing you want to be doing is stressing over what is going on in the kitchen.

A fabulous cheese plate is always a great idea! Make it a focal point and people can talk about it! Pick new cheeses, beautiful meats, different toppings, etc!

Consider your guests allergies & Dislikes! It feels like everyone is allergic to something! Try to have a gluten free option… ( Bacon Wrapped Dates are a great choice! They can be made a day ahead of time..just refrigerate them until you are ready to bake them!)

Have a meat free option…like roasted artichokes… or a dairy free…like a beautiful hummus and crudite platter! Try Real Girl’s Kitchen Chick Pea Free Red Pepper Hummus!

Remember! Everyone is always watching what they eat! Have some things to indulge in and some healthy dishes too!

Pick a great playlist! Some great vibey music is essential for setting the mood of the day! Start early and play great music while you cook too! For the 2nd Thanksgiving in a row my girl Jilly Hendrix has put together some tunes to cook to just for you!

Jilly Hendrix

Check out the playlist here on Songza!   Indie in the Kitchen part 2! If you want more of Ms. Hendrix’s music or to watch her hilarious interviews go to her website!

Don’t make it too formal! You always want some felixibility in your head count! Thanksgiving is the ultimate “bring a friend or three” holiday!

Have lots of spirits! Last thing you want is to run out of wine or whatever you are serving! (Families tend to get along better with a couple cocktails anyway!)

Have fun!!! The holidays are all about relaxing, spending time with your family and enjoying each other!

xo HD