Happy Halloween From RGK!

Happy Halloween ya’ll!

I love these chocolate covered pretzels! They make great party favors…especially because they are individually wrapped!

UsWeekly.com liked these too! Check out the article here!

Here is how to make these chocolate bats…

What you need:

Pretzel rods

Halloween style sprinkles

I found ready-to-make bags of chocolate at Michael’s, but a bag of semi sweet chocolates is great too

A cooling rack (perfect size to stand up the pretzels while they cool)

Icing bags & nozzle

How to:

In a small bowl melt you chocolate for 40 seconds in the microwave..No longer!! If the chocolate gets too hot it becomes unworkable. Tilting the bowl towards you, dip the pretzel rod all the way in to the bowl, very slowly twisting it on your way out. This will give the chocolate a smoother finish. While chocolate is still wet, decorate with your sprinkles of choice. If drizzling, drizzle across the top of the sprinkles. Place on rack to cool.

Be safe and have a wonderful night!!

xoxo HD