Carrot, Ginger & Coconut Milk Soup

Hi friends!!! This last month or so has been a total whirlwind! As if announcing the RGK tv show, getting engaged and finally sharing the show with ya’ll on wasn’t enough…I have just returned from Vancouver, where I have been shooting a psychological thriller called ‘Till Death Do Us Part’. Lots happening around here, sorry I have been a bit lax wit the recipes.

Now for the recipe…I tried a soup sort of similar to this while I was in Vancouver and just had to try out my own version the minute I had a chance to cook. It is a pretty simple take on a carrot ginger soup but packed with lots of flavor!

What you need:

8-10 carrots, depending on how big they are…mine were sort of average size with the greens still attached
1 Yellow onion
3-4 Tablespoons of minced Ginger
2 Cups of vegetable broth
1-2 heaping tablespoons of coconut milk, adjust to preference (I used 2)
Sea Salt & Pepper

Clean carrots and remove the greens
Using the back of a spoon, remove skins from ginger

How to:
Bring vegetable broth to a boil
Add chopped onion, carrot and ginger
Boil till soft

Remove from heat and let cool a bit.
Blend in a vitamix or blender
Add coconut milk and softly blend until combined

Serve it up!

xo HD