Scratch Bar

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Scratch Bar.

111 N La Cienega Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA
(310) 289-8881

I recently went to Scratch Bar for some dinner with one of my girlfriends. I had such a bonkers insane bananas meal that I knew I would be writing a post about it after I took my second or third bite. The food is beautifully presented and fresh as can be. The vegetables are vibrant and each plate has multiple components that compliment each other perfectly. The dishes are super inventive and yet pretty straight forward at the same time.

Plus, every single thing served in Scratch Bar is made from scratch right there in their kitchen. Even the sprinkles that are served on top of their ice cream.

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The place is small, and intimate with lots of vibe. The kind of place you want to sit and hang around for awhile. The friendly staff is attentive and the owner/chef extraordinaire (Phillip Lee) is usually making his way table to table greeting the guests that all seem to be regulars. The LA Times recently dubbed Phillip the chef of the moment and I would have to agree. The guy is good.

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If you aren’t sold yet…the menu is so reasonably priced! Great incentive to order lots of things!

We ordered:

The Smoked Goat Cheese

The Kale Chips w Parmesan & Lemon

The Lollipop Kale (my fave)

The Roasted Cauliflower

The Vegetable Box  (must try!)

The Chicken breast


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Each dish was delish and I would order every single one of them again.

You can check out what Phillip is up to over at Scratch Bar on twitter here @ScratchBarLA

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