RGK “Left-Overs” Frittata

Photo by Haylie Duff


I love left-overs! Sometimes the best recipes come to you last minute, as you’re quickly trying to throw something together to eat. I had some leftover brussels sprout hash and grilled chicken from the night before, and a couple eggs. I was in quite a rush trying to get out the door and simply tossed the chopped chicken, brussels and eggs in a bowl with some shredded cheddar cheese. Poured the mixture in to a baking dish and let it bake while I hopped in the shower. By the time I was out, I opened the oven to a perfectly baked dish of delicious-ness.

photo by haylie duff


Lesson here? Save those leftovers!! You never know what kind of fabulous combos could be waiting for you the next day. Steak and potatoes would have been great as an option too!

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

In a mixing bowl, mix 2 eggs and whatever leftovers you are playing with here…

Chicken, steak, veggies, onions, bell peppers…

Pour in to a Pam’d or greased baking dish and sprinkle with a touch of sea salt & black pepper

Bake approx 15 minutes.



Yum, Yum.

xo HD