The Lowdown on Oils

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Today the average grocery store seems to have more types of oils than even the most seasoned cook might know what to do with. Walnut oil? Safflower oil? Coconut oil? Gone are the days of choosing between Olive Oil and Canola Oil.

This article on Food52 lays it all out clearly in a way even the most oil-ignorant amongst us can understand. The main points in choosing an oil are flavor and smoke point, or more clearly, what temperature you will be cooking an oil. The oils you choose to dress a salad with will be different than say, the oils you use to fry chicken or roast vegetables in the oven.

For salads, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a classic that I always use, but I also sometimes throw in some Hazlenut oil for a little extra flavor.

For cooking, olive oil reigns supreme again, but coconut oil is a close second for greasing a pan or the rare occasion that I bake (it is a great butter replacement) and for it’s amazing health benefits! Canola oil is also great for your basic cooking needs.

But what this article taught me was that there are so many other types of oils to experiment with, so the next time you’re feeling fancy, buy a new oil for your pantry and test it out!

What are your favorite oils to cook with? I’d love to know!

See the full oil guide here.

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