Wild Salmon Season is Here!

Photo courtesy of notwithoutsalt.com

Salmon…it’s one of my favorites and you can really never have too much!

As you know, salmon is a super fish: high in omega 3 fatty acids (the best kind of fat!) and chock full of vitamins and minerals. It is not only great for your skin and hair, but your overall health in general. But what you may not know is that most of the salmon we eat is farmed and wild salmon is available only during a short period of the year, which happens to be RIGHT NOW!

This great article by Mark Bittman (a New York Times contributor and author of some of great cookbooks) explains all things wild salmon and includes a dozen easy, delicious recipes! Read the full article here.

Photo credit: Sam Caplan for The New York Times

And if that isn’t enough salmon to satisfy you, I also love this beautiful, simple recipe for Poached Salmon with Cucumber Salsa on the blog Not Without Salt.

Photo courtesy of notwithoutsalt.com

Different in flavor and texture from your everyday salmon, wild salmon is a special treat, so RUN (don’t walk!) to your nearest fishmonger and get cooking!

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