The Breslin’s Scotch Egg


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The Breslin        16 W 29th St  New York, NY 10001
(212) 679-1939

Every once in awhile I stumble across something that just knocks every other culinary treat out of the water. Well…the scotch egg from ‘The Breslin’ does just that. April Bloomfield’s Scotch Eggs could quite possibly be my “last Meal” death row request. It is sick. Amazing isn’t enough.  Like, it’s another level…”I will crave it till the day I die”….that kind of amazing. I am currently on a flight to Vancouver to start my next film. However, as soon as I am back in my kitchen I will be trying to attempt to recreate this genius ball of goodness.

Stay with me, ok…

It’s an egg (hello, best things ever)…with sausage packed around it…rolled in horseradish and panko bread crumbs…then deep fried to perfection.

Enough said.

If you are visiting or living in NYC…TRY THESE SOON.

xo HD


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