Haylie’s Favorite Tips for Healthy Eating


You’ve asked…here are Haylie’s Favorite Tips for Healthy Eating…

1. Opt for homemade salad dressings! Dressings are only supposed to keep for about a week, so why is this store-bought bottled dressing good for a year?! Because it is filled with preservatives! All you need is a drizzle of olive oil, some lemon, and sea salt to give any greens a vibrant lift!

2. Keep track of what you eat! By that, I don’t mean literally. Although food journals do help a lot of people, it’s just a little too intense for me. Mentally, take note…if you have a big cheat meal last night, clean your act up today by choosing lean meats and veggies. Don’t deny yourself little indulgences, but try to not do it two days in a row!

3. Caffeine…my weakness. I literally love my morning cup of coffee. I can’t quit it, I’ve tried…and there can be tons of calories in that morning cup of joe. Skip the milk! Try drinking black coffee with raw sugar and honey. It took me about a week to adjust, and now it’s the only way I drink it. This way, you skip a daily dose of dairy andthe artificial sweeteners (ew!) that block your rock-star metabolism!

4. What you eat will determine your weight-loss results! You can exercise like crazy, but if you are eating junk, you will never lose the junk in your trunk. This doesn’t mean go to extremes! With exercise or regulating your food. In fact, by only adding a little exercise and a little clean-up on the food front, you can see nice results.

5. Load up on protein but don’t forget fiber! By cutting out lots of foods during your diet weeks, you could also be cutting out on some (oh so important) fiber! Remember to eat lots of leafy greens and low carb veggies!

6. KALE! It’s the ultimate superfood! I eat it as often as possible. It clears my skin like crazy!

7. Share Entrees! I love to sample lots of things at restaurants. So my girlfriends and I love to share our entrees to keep from over indulging.

8. Don’t get too crazy…or too hard on yourself. Remember that who you are on the inside is more important than the outside. If you are beating yourself up alittle too much, relax, take a yoga class. The first thing people will notice on you is a big bright smile, NOT the extra couple pounds that you focus on…

xo HD