Peach, Yogurt & Pistachio Treats

Photo courtesy of Haylie Duff

My friend Jillian shared this recipe with me a couple weeks ago and I have been over the moon for it ever since! As you know, I am not the baking kind…so when I can find a sweet treat that requires no baking…actually no cooking whatsoever…I am stoked! This sweet and tart combo is so delish, and the pistachios add a great crunchy end to every sweet bite.

Pick big bright peachesFage 0% yogurt, pre-peeled pistachios and organic honey


Simply slice the peaches in half and remove the pit.

Press a small scoop of yogurt in to the center of each peach.

Sprinkle Pistachios across each peach.

Drizzle honey.

xo HD

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