A.O.C. Los Angeles


A.O.C. has been a staple in Los Angeles for quite some time. It has been a favorite dinner spot of mine for many years. However, I just recently discovered their AMAZING brunch and I just can’t seem to get enough. They have a beautiful outdoor patio, shaded by overlapping umbrellas and a nice breeze coming through the old church-like windows. Nice and relaxing…I just love it.

photo courtesy of hollywoodreporter.com

What to eat…

-Grilled asparagus with polenta
early spring vegetables & soft egg

-Fried chicken & cornmeal waffle

-Meyer lemon french toast with pistachios
strawberries & candied meyer lemon

-A.O.C. Brioche w/ melted gruyère, frisée, prosciutto & sunny-side up egg

What to drink…

photo courtesy of Details.com

The Green Goddess!!! An amazing blend of chamomile infused wodka, cucumber, basil, jalapeno…who says your morning “green drink” can’t have a little fun too…

xo HD

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