Chicken, Pepper & Corn Quesadilla

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You can never go wrong with a quesadilla. I love to layer them with eggs and bacon at breakfast time. I love to make them late night with apples and brie warmed in the middle but I really love to make them for lunch.

I made these for my boyfriend Matt, a couple weeks ago. Pretty soon, he was requesting them on a regular basis. This is our favorite combination but feel free to try different veggies.

Handful of Mozzarella, shredded

Handful of Cheddar, shredded

Corn, cut off a cobb or in a can

Red Bell Pepper



In a non stick skillet, grill a small chicken breast the set aside on a cutting board. Let cool, then chop.

In same skillet, sautee corn and pepper till soft.

Finally, add the tortillas to the skillet. I like to swipe a thin layer of butter across the tortillas so they brown nicely. Layer 1st tortilla with both cheeses, chopped chicken, and veggies. Add a small amount of cheese on top so the second tortilla will stick. Once browned, flip. Voila.


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