8752 W. Sunset Blvd – Los Angeles, Ca 90069


To say “I love this spot” is a major understatement. Their brunch is amazing for one reason and one reason only…they serve bubble and squeak. While traveling in Europe a couple of years ago I fell in love with this style of breakfast. Shredded meat, potatoes and a fried egg. HEAVEN.

Eveleigh’s version is brilliant because it features a deep fried egg (yes with a crispy batter) sauteed kale, potatoes and a heaping portion of shredded brisket.

I usually enjoy it with a spicy cayenne, lemon and ginger shot called “the wake up”


What you need to know:

Eveleigh prides itself on being as natural as possible. So when I go, I usually throw a couple stevia packets in my purse. I drink iced black coffee… (regular sugar never melts all the way).

I have also brought along a bottle of hot sauce for the bubble and squeak. Hey…ya can’t take the texas out of the girl.



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