Carb Free Week


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I have been hard at work completing the Real Girl’s Kitchen Cookbook for the last few months, trying out new recipes and restaurants…finding food inspiration all over the place. With all this cooking and tasting my diet has really been thrown off course. I’m not an advocate of severe diets, my diet approach is really more about balance. I think you should indulge in a bite or two of that pasta or dessert you want, then clean your act up the next day. I think it’s easier to stick to eating healthy when you let yourself have little treats. That being said…there is nothing wrong with kick starting some super clean eating!

Set a realistic goal…       I’m committing to 1 carb free week.

Just because you are cutting out carbs doesn’t mean you can’t still snack on some of your favorite things. If you feel like trying out carb free week with me, I will be posting some of my favorite carb free treats. So amp up your excercise, try to eat 5 small snacks/meals a day and lets clean up our acts together.

Here are a couple guidlines to help you eat accordingly.

No Alcohol

Lots of veggies

No fruit

Lots of fish, chicken, shrimp or steak

No bread, grains, rice,

Lots of water, no soda or juice

Lots of salads with lean protein


Happy carb cutting!