Sweet Mint Sun Tea

All this summer heat has inspired me to get outside and use this gorgeous sun to prepare some of my favorite things. I’m currently making sun dried tomatoes as well, but they won’t be ready for a few more days. Look for a blog post in the next week or so!

Sweet sun tea was my favorite thing when I was growing up. My grandmother use to load up a cup of sugar in to the bottom of a big glass container and let it brew in the sunshine all afternoon. Sweet and delicious, but no one needs to be drinking sugar like that anymore! Here, we substituted Stevia for sugar and got the same sweet results. Green tea packets, a handful of fresh mint and you have the perfect afternoon tea.


Green tea packets, I used yerba mate.

Fresh mint


Figure out the water/tea ration. Usually it is 1 packet/1 cup of water. Fill a large glass jar with cold water, fill with tea packets and mint. Add Stevia, adjust to taste. I used 3 packets in the one I made. Close up tightly and let sit in the sun till brewed to desired darkness. I left mine for about 3 hours.

xo HD