Chicken & Peach Lavash Wrap

Hi RGK friends, sorry I have been so MIA over the past few weeks. I have been filming two new movies… ‘A Love/Like Ours’ and ‘Christmas Eve’…so I haven’t had any time to cook. Now that those are wrapped, I’m more inspired than ever to get back in to the kitchen! Here is a simple wrap lunch idea that is so yummy and easy to prepare!

Lavash wrap bread

grilled chicken breast



Mixed greens & herbs (I added mint and dill to my mixed greens)

Fat free cream cheese

Sea salt and pepper or any seasoned salt

-Grill chicken breast over med heat till done. Make sure to check that it is cooked thoroughly. Spread cream cheese and seasoned salt across Lavash bread, layer mixed greens, peaches, avocado and chicken. Roll it up and snack away!

love, HD

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