Red Pepper Honey over Brie


One of my favorite snacks is a great piece of cheese and crackers. Not the waxy cheese stick variety (although I don’t discriminate). I prefer a soft brie, a salty parmigiano-reggiano, or even a stinky cheese like epoisses. I come from a family of cheese eaters and we have been known to make a dinner out of a fantastic cheese plate with some dried fruit and nuts. To add a little something extra I drizzled a spicy honey across the top. Easy, and so yummy.

What you need:

Triple Cream Brie

Honey or Agave

Crushed Red Pepper

Sea Salt

Water crackers



How to:

If refrigerated, bring cheese to room temperature. Mix Honey, red pepper and salt. Crush the walnuts and sprinkle over the honey.

Dig in.

love, HD

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