ESK: Classic Arugula Parmesan Salad

This might be the easiest recipe I have ever posted here on RGK but I feel everyone should know how to make a classic salad. It doesn’t matter whether you order it in a restaurant or make it in your kitchen, an arugula and Parmesan salad is a win/win situation. It’s great with a nice piece of grilled salmon or chicken breast over the top, but it’s also great with some veggies too. Here, I steamed some asparagus and topped it off with some yellow sunburst tomatoes. Truthfully, it doesn’t matter…it’s all about the peppery arugula, the salty Parmesan, the crunchy sea salt and the bitter lemon. My favorite.

What you need:


Fresh grated Parmesan

Sea Salt

A drizzle of a good quality extra virgin olive oil

A big squeeze of lemon


How to:

Wash greens well. Set aside to dry. Toss together.


love. HD


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