The Bloody Mary Debate.

I’m sitting on a plane, heading home to Texas for the holidays to visit my good ol’ Pops before the Christmas crazy strikes all the airports.

Sitting across the aisle from me is a very pretty lady, traveling alone like me. She too travels with a pillow from home, boarded the plane with an extra large water bottle, boycotts makeup on travel days and has even selected the same comedy I did to kill some time in the air.  We seem to be kindred spirits.

Then, it all changes. I realize the things that seemed to make us the same are just minor facts about what is on our outsides, but that our insides are different on a deep, deep serious level. It’s time for drink orders. I’m not one to judge, still I can’t help but think she has lost her mind. With a nice friendly grin the words “I’ll have a bloody mary, extra pinch of salt please…and do you have any green olives?”

I almost die. I would love to have that kind of diet freedom. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t even snack on salty peanuts for fear of in-air swell. If I don’t avoid salt on travel days my fingers will feel like they are going to burst. I actually take Advil before my flight to keep that from happening, but it’s an inevitable occurrence. Thankfully, my problem subsides by the time we land but no fun regardless. You can understand my confusion at her drink order. Am I the only person this happens to and how can one woman handle this much salt?

Your daily sodium intake should be lass than 2,000 mg a day. One bloody mary alone (on average) contains 1,500 mg of sodium.

Remember that doesn’t even count any sodium she will get from food.  Is this woman a super hero? How does she survive this salty cocktail 30,000 feet in the air? Did she pre-drink a gallon of water, does she live on diuretics? I need to know these things and honestly, will be kinda mad if i’m the last to know about any de-puffing tricks. I love a bloody mary as much as the next girl but am forced to avoid them on salt/diet principal alone….or at least in small doses.

It should be noted that she is now on to her second (let’s not even start on her vodka consumption at 11am) bloody mary.

xo Hayls

**The only time I ever feel like drinking tomato juice (or even see anyone else drink it) is on an airplane. Why??**