Mercato Di Vetro

I think it’s safe to say, Mercato Di Vetro is my new favorite restaurant. I’ve been so many times in the last month it’s almost shameful. It’s a perfect place to celebrate a girlfriend’s birthday or get cozy with a date. Speaking of date…

What are your thoughts on going to a restaurant on a first date that is all about shared plates? Mercato Di Vetro is tapas style and they intend for you to share most of the dishes. I love to share plates. I think it’s sweet and romantic, but not all people are fans of this… the kids that never wanted to share their toys, probably still don’t want to share things like their dinner. Silly, right? Anyway, moving on.

Ready for my “not-to-be-missed” list?

-The Hen of the Woods mushrooms. They are big, wild mushrooms grilled to perfection.

– Strawberry and spinach salad, just fabulous.

-The fried olives. No explanation necessary. Omg.

-A Charcuterie plate.

– The prosciutto burrata pizza

-The tuna tar tare or the hamachi. BOTH amazing.

That’s probably enough to get you started, but if you really want to get crazy…order the ricotta stuffed squash blossom.

xo Hayls