I’ll just have the filtered water… (gasp!)

photo courtesy of cosmosmagazine.com

I don’t like to think of myself as a picky order-er. Ok, in all fairness…I have been known to alter a dish from time to time. Just because I like my baked crab rolls with light mayo and no tempura flakes and I want a straw and a lemon with my water doesn’t make me a bad person. Nooo, not sparkling or flat water. I’m a right out of the pitcher, good ol’ fashioned filtered water drinker. I don’t like carbonated drinks and the thought of water “with gas” just doesn’t make sense to me. Not to mention eight to ten dollars for a bottle of “flat” water is just crazy. That’s the price of an appetizer, glass of wine or even an entree at some places.

Did you know that if you DIDN’T drink “eight dollar” bottled water four times a week, at the end of the month you would have an extra one hundred and twenty eight dollars. You could get a facial, buy a cute new pair of shoes or even better… save it!

Nice bottle, lovely water…but you aren’t getting me that easy.

Have you noticed that at large group dinners, when fancy water is being poured, the water glass is never empty? It’s filled right up to the brim over and over again. Attentive? Sure! Thoughtful? I don’t think so. You can ask for lemon and it will never show up, but more ten dollar water? Coming right up. Don’t even get me started on the fact that some places open the bottle in the back.

Are you really drinking the fancy water at all?

So what happens at the beginning of the meal when you say “just filtered water is fine”…is it a big let down? After all, you did just shave however many dollars off the bill at the end of the night. Maybe I am too sensitive, but I have sensed a bit of an attitude at a couple different places.

So what’s a real girl to do? Succumb to the fancy water pressure?  I say stick to your guns and order that filtered water.

No shame in this game.

Love, Hayls