The 26 yr old “Table For One” virgin

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Sometimes I just don’t feel like cooking. In fact, most of my creativity in the kitchen comes at really bizarre times. My sister for example, bakes when she is frustrated or annoyed about something. Lucky for us, delicious creations come from her bad moods. For me, I tend to cook when I’m choosing to be more introverted, staying home or in love.  My non-cooking fazes generally happen when I’m out being a social butterfly. Welcome to my last few weeks. I’ve been eating at some AMAZING new restaurants, spending time with my oldest dearest friends…and meeting a couple new ones. Whether you make it with love or you get it to-go, a good meal always unites us.

Speaking of getting it to-go. I recently embarked on something a little different. Feel free to laugh or even judge. I’m 26 years old and up until a few days ago, I had never gone to a restaurant and eaten alone. Like, table for one style. To clarify, I do plenty of things on my own when I am on location for a movie or traveling. I usually just bury myself in a book or my iphone and call it a day. This was different. I decided, that today (well, it was a couple days ago) was going to be the day I faced my fears of looking lame and just bite the bullet. I walked myself up to a local eatery, and with all my confidence and glory, grabbed a seat at the bar. To make it even better I ordered a burger. Not a girly veggie burger, a real burger (with fries and a Coors light) and watched the football game.

It was a beyond empowering experience that I suggesst everyone do at least once. Oh, and should I mention…two different guys asked me out. I politely said no (come on, the lunch alone was a big step, strangers too?? I can’t…) but it made me feel good to know that eating alone doesn’t make you look lame at all. It makes you super f*cking awesome.

Do it, let me know how it works out for ya…and no, airport terminals don’t count as eating alone.

xo Hayls