Caulfield’s at the Thompson Beverly Hills

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9360 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, Ca 90212


Caulfield’s just opened a few weeks ago and my girl Emmanuelle Chriqui insisted we try it out. She is a fabulous social butterfly and lucky for us, she has been friends with the owners for quite some time. That’s always nice because you feel so welcome and “at home” but you also get the inside scoop on what to order. We had a beautiful meal, and lovely glass of wine and a great corner booth. It’s a great spot for a girls catch up session or an intimate date. Plus, I’m so down with any place that has a “toad in the hole” on their menu.

What to order:

The whole grilled branzino…eat the cheeks.


Any of their beautiful salads

*Ask about their secret desserts…we had a killer ricotta strawberry cheesecake*

xo Hayls

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