Chocolate Cheese Plate

Who doesn’t love a good cheese plate? I guess, unless they are vegan. They are a great appetizer to bring to a thanksgiving party too, mainly because the travel time does the cheese good. By the time you drive through LA traffic to get to the festivities the cheeses will be nice and soft.

When picking out the cheese, it’s all about the quality. Don’t go to the local grocery store! Find a specialty cheese shop, they are everywhere. I like odd numbers, so either choose one fabulous cheese or go the three to five route. I usually pick a truffle cheese, a triple cream blue, and then ask for them to suggest a super creamy mild brie. You can never go wrong with brie. Going with the harvest theme, adorn your platter with apricots, nuts and… ready for it…dark chocolate. If you have been reading my blog from the beginning (I want to kiss you!) you know about my love of Poco Dolce Chocolate Tiles with Sea Salt. Break them in half and scatter them across the platter for a decadent treat.


Serve with a grainy cracker and water cracker combo.

Don’t forget to pick up a pretty cheese knife…something this cute is worthy of a special serving tool!

Love, Hayls