Pumpkin Seed Tomatillo Chicken

Carving pumpkins for Halloween and can’t stand the thought of tossing out the fresh pumpkin seeds, or eating them toasted in copious amounts just to avoid the waste? Leave it to me to find a way to use up your leftover pumpkin seeds and rid you of your guilt!

What you need:

10 tomatillos

1 seeded serrano chili

1 green bell pepper ( I used the red and wish I had of just stuck to the green!)

3-4 cloves of garlic

Juice of 1 lime

1 chopped white onion

1 cup chopped pumpkin seeds

Handful of cilantro

1 tsp of salt and pepper

Make sure to wash the tomatillos really well. Add all ingredients in to a blender, puree…

Heat a sauce pan to med-high heat, grill a chicken breast. Remove from heat. Add tomatillo mixture and simmer sauce till soft…

Spoon sauce on to plate, add the chicken, and a handful of torn cilantro.

Talk about “going green!”

xo HD

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