Watermelon & Feta Jenga


How cute is this? Not only are you eating something healthy and colorful, your having fun while you do it! It does take some special attention to the size of your pieces, but the final product is so awesome. You will be happy you took your time.

Move over Jenga, there’s a new game in town.


What you need:

Fresh mint

Feta cheese (don’t substitute!)

A seedless watermelon

Lime (zest too)

Aged balsamic (I used a BEAUTIFUL balsamic that my mom brought back from Italy!)

Sea Salt (I love Maldon) and cracked black pepper


How to:

Cut watermelon and feta into “Jenga size” puzzle pieces

Stack them, alternating between watermelon and feta.

Sprinkle with chopped mint, drizzle with balsamic, squeeze of lime & zest and sprinkle salt & pepper

**If your not familiar with zesting, it’s easy. Using a fine cheese grater, scrape the colorful skin of the lime. Don’t go past the color, you don’t want the white peel. You just need a little, and it really adds another level of flavor!**

Go ahead! Feel free to play with your food.

love, HD