Roasted Rosemary Garlic

If you are new to the cooking game chances are you have never roasted garlic. Or maybe you have and didn’t know it! That’s what happened to me. I think I have really perfected something here…Roasted garlic is so delish and easy. Plus, once you get it down, the options are endless. I’m just going to show you my favorite…Roasted garlic infused with fresh rosemary. I’ve been using roasted garlic in a lot of my soups this season, so I felt like a more in-depth write up was necessary.

What you need:


Olive Oil

Sea Salt (I used Fleur De Sel)

Herb (rosemary)

Aluminum Foil (cut into squares bit enough to wrap up garlic)

How to:

Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees. Slice the tops off of your garlic…

Drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt and herbs…then wrap them up tight!

Place in to your oven for 45 minutes or until soft and browned.


Remove from the oven and let cool. Un-wrap these beautiful fragrant babies! Using a slim knife, gently slide garlic out of each pod.

That’s it! ¬†Easy right? Now for options, you can add roasted garlic to chicken, fish, soups or mash it with a fork and stir it in to some soft butter.

After this photo was taken I also added some chopped sun dried tomatoes. Great appetizer or small snack.

Love. HD