Ask Haylie…


I’ve been reading so many questions and I really loved yours. I understand your dilemma girl, but know that the second you decide to start making healthier choices, you are already on your way! Try buying versatile ingredients, for example, potatoes. They “keep” for a long time, are filling and are inexpensive. You can make a baked potato, mashed potatoes, quarter it and make roasted potatoes …the list is endless!

Sweet potatoes are great too and filled with belly-flattening fiber. 😉

As far as the spaghetti-o’s goes…just say no! A BIG bag of organic pasta & a jar of tomato sauce can cost as little as $4.00 and can yield about four servings.

Go frozen. There are numerous new studies that are proving frozen veggies may actually be better for us than the fresh ones. They are saying that the freezing process is actually preserving more enzymes than the room temp variety. I’m posting a roasted brussel sprouts recipe in a few days, before you gag, they can be delicious and a frozen bag of brussels cost $2.00! Check back and give it a try…

I have faith in you, keep me updated with your progress! xo HD