Larkin’s – a contemporary soul food joint

1496 Colorado Blvd, Eagle Rock, Ca 90041

The title says it all. Chef Larkin’s  californian approach to soul food makes this joint unlike any other. Eagle rock is quickly becoming known for their great restaurants. If you haven’t ventured that way, it’s worth it! Local artists adorn the walls, and a super friendly staff that (if you gush about the food) will walk you back to the kitchen so you can thank Chef Larkin yourself. This place is great for all you veggies  as well. All of their side dishes are vegetarian! So you can eat your collard greens knowing there isn’t any bacon cooked in for flavor. Like any good southern girl, I like a good fried chicken & fried egg combo for sunday brunch. Larkin’s is where I go to get it.



-Warm okra & heirloom tomato salad


-Fried catfish (corn meal breaded with their homemade tartar sauce!)

-Spicy collard greens

-Dirty grits

* Note: not the place to ask for substitutions…hello, control freak…let go a little..the way they make it is the way your going to want to eat it. Trust me.




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