Olive & Thyme

courtesy of Olive&Thyme.com

4013 Riverside Dr

Burbank, Ca 91505

I love this place! It’s my go to neighborhood spot for a great lunch. My girlfriend Melina is the owner, and on any given day she can be found behind the counter working or chatting with one of her many loyal customers.  Her hands-on approach is what makes Olive&Thyme special. The menu is made up of really great versions of everyday lunch staples. They also have a great take out system that makes life easy and all kinds of yummy snacks decorate the checkout line. I dare you to leave without trying a gourmet marshmallow or the toffee brittle.


My Favorite Lunch:


The Fattoush salad -with easy pita

-Not to be missed!


3 salad trio -I always choose the tuna salad, curry chicken salad and the spicy bow tie pasta salad

-Not your typical mayo drenched tuna, light and lemony, it’s great. The curry chicken is the perfect balance of sweet and spicy, and the bow tie chicken salad is just plain good.


Boxed water

-Eco and waistline friendly. Always a good choice

On special days, they also have a killer sangria.