McCall’s Meat & Fish Co


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McCall’s Meat and Fish Company

2117 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, Ca 90027


Granted, McCall’s is not a restaurant but it is one of my favorite places in LA. Family owned. Nathan, owner and butcher extraodiaire and his wife are really helpful and always answer all of my questions. Don’t know the difference between tri- tip and sirloin tip? Nathan is your man. His butcher shop has a classic old school feel and on a friday afternoon there is a line out the door.

The packaging of the meat or fish is also top notch. Simple and classic. So good in fact, the next time your attending a dinner party, offer to bring the meat. I assure you it looks better than anything I could wrap up at home.



The pancetta, The lamb chops (perfectly frenched)

Not to be overlooked:

The bone marrow…check out the recipe section for how to prepare!




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