Yamashiro Farmers Market

One thing I truly love is a sunday morning spent at the farmers market. There is just something about the crisp veggies, fragrant fruit, and usually the smell of fresh kettle corn popping that just makes me happy. I also love watching all the families, milling around together. It’s nice to see parents teaching their kids at an early age to choose organic and locally grown food.

Ok, there was my pitch about your local farmers market.

The only thing that beats it…a farmers market that pops off in the evening. I’m sure you can find something similar in whatever city you reside in, but for us in LA, it’s the Yamashiro Farmers Market.

It only graces us with it’s presence for two months during the summer. Nestled in the hills behind The Magic Castle in Hollywood, and overlooking everything from the infamous Scientology Building to the lights of Beverly Hills. You drink japanese beer, munch on a four taco combo bento box (that would blow your mind) and sit around with friends as the view turns from a smoggy grey to a twinkling purple skyline littered with all the most famous Hollywood landmarks.
It’s still pretty streamlined, not overflowing with the nonsense booths that can line the streets of your usual farmers Market, and boasts the allure that your “in” on something that no one knows about.

Now, the food. I could kick myself for not getting a good picture of the tacos but honestly, no one was willing to wait around for me to snap away. These four tacos were in such high demand the line was the length of the entire market. Shredded duck with a nectarine salsa(everyone’s favorite!), shredded chicken with marinated pickles, miso black cod, and a ground beef with habanero coleslaw topped with a ginger guacamole. To die for.

For dessert there are scoops of ice cream sandwiched between homemade red velvet and oatmeal raisin cookies. Truthfully, I was so full from the tacos that I only had one bite, but they were delicious.

On your way out, the most gorgeous candy apples. A friendly college student named Laura makes them by hand, and there is everything from a cayenne pepper to an almond roca apple. A perfect midnight snack that should not be missed.

If the food isn’t enough for you ladies, cute hipster boys play barista to a great latte stand, and there is even a chiropractor to crack away your aches and pains.

xo HD