Oh, the mason jar…


I have developed a very one sided relationship with the mason jar. It gets used and abused at my house on a regular basis. I use them for water cups, green smoothie cups, storing soup, jams… you name it. They aren’t fragile and they add a certain “relaxed” feel to your home. They are a staple for every kitchen! I love, love, love them. In all shapes and sizes.

Now that we got that out of the way…my sister cooked dinner for us the other night and froze individual scoops of sorbet in a mason jar to serve as dessert. There were three different flavors in each one and when she cracked them open she garnished them with a sprig of fresh mint. Cute, personal, and easy. All the things I like.

xo HD

***Hostess idea: your could serve a single scoop as a palette cleanser before your meal, just keep it simple…lemon or lime sorbet would do the trick.***

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