"But it’s the good fat…"

This awesome snack is inspired by a dish at one of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles, LEMONADE. It is the best place to grab a quick lunch to-go or sit and eat outside on their wooden front porch. The thing I love about LEMONADE is the menu. Its a big selection of fabulous side dishes, so you can try alittle of everything. My favorite is their israeli couscous with wild mushroom and truffle oil. One of these days I will try to re-create it, but for today I opted for something alittle easier. It also happens to be my boyfriend’s favorite….so good girlfriend points for me.

Avocados are the best source of vitamin E, great for your heart, eyes, cholesterol, hair and even high in glutathione (an anti ager!) We Duff’s have even been known to rub alittle on our elbows for super soft skin.

Some dieters tend to stay away from avocados since they are high in fat, but those dieters should worry more about things like high amounts of protein being hard on their kidneys. Of course everything in moderation so don’t eat the whole bowl…but could it be, an avocado a day keeps the doctor away?

What you need:
Cherry tomatoes (approx 1 cup)
organic avocados (approx 2)
one lime
a handful of pine nuts
Sea salt & pepper

How to:
slice tomatoes in half
cube avocado
squeeze in your lime
throw in the pine nuts
one big grind of salt (you can skip if you would like)
two big grinds of pepper
mix and chill

For an added punch, serve over a bed or arugula. Enjoy. xo Haylie