Sweet Potato Queen

I recently experienced the greatest sweet potatoes I have ever had and decided to try my hand at my own version. Lucky for us these famous taters are delicious and nutritious. I use to avoid them because they seemed high in sugar and the old school, marshmallow covered ones ARE totally a sugar overdose. With their high levels of potassium (great for shedding water weight), vitamin c (a whole days worth) and lots of fiber (yes please!) these babies are so good for you that there is no reason to not include them in to your regular diet. They are even good for your eyes!

I felt like an added crunch would put them right over the edge. So I added crushed pecans, a banana, a touch of nutmeg, some orange zest and a touch of splenda brown sugar. Feel free to experiment, some crushed applesauce would be a rocking replacement it you don’t like bananas.

What you need:
4 yams or sweet potatoes (I prefer the yams, because I live for their vibrant color)
half a can of low sodium chicken broth, or vegetable broth
one banana
one cup of crushed pecans
one teaspoon of nutmeg
one teaspoon of splenda brown sugar
the zest of approx 1/3 of a small orange

How to:
cut yams or potatoes into cubes (they will cook much faster)
boil till soft
add the rest of ingredients
mash, mash, mash.

I served with chicken piccata and orzo, but they are delicious all by themselves.

Enjoy xo Haylie