Easy "Bake" Strawberry Shortcake

For those of you that don’t know me personally (or maybe just starting to!) the people in my life would probably tell you some of the same things about me. I leave my shoes all over the house, like literally 6 and 7 pairs at a time. I’m terrible at returning phone calls, and I can’t bake to save my life. I even attempted to make homemade cookies to take to our new neighbors when Nick and I moved into our house and they were so bad we just threw them out and wrote notes. Honestly, my go-to move is usually to pick up a pie from marie callendars and just put it on a nice plate when I have dinner parties. I think people just assume I baked it, and I just don’t tell them otherwise. So when it comes to dessert unless, its semi “baked” already it doesn’t really get served in my kitchen.

So without baking skills, this dessert totally rocks.

What you need:
pre-made Angel food cake (140 calories in 1/8 of the cake, and fat free!! Dreams are made of things like this)
cool whip
two containers of fresh strawberries (I always opt for locally grown organics if possible)
half a lemon
approx one teaspoon of sugar, I used splenda brown sugar
3 packets of stevia

How to:
slice your strawberries and squeeze half the lemon over them
add your sugar, cover and place in fridge for a couple hrs.
using the rind of your lemon, add about one teaspoon of lemon zest to your cool whip and mix well
your strawberries will start to get soft and juicy, thats the yummy strawberry sauce that usually has all the calories (not ours!)

Slice your cake, place a big spoonful of strawberry across the top, and a spoonful of your lemon zest cool whip.

enjoy. xo Haylie