Hilary Duff’s Yum-Yums

As a kid, Hil and I have so many memories of our family spending quality time in the kitchen. My mom was always cooking up delicious somethings and this simple snack was no different. When Hil was 3 years old her school made a cookbook and asked for the students to each share and illustrate their favorite family recipe. I’m sure my mom would have loved for her to want to use her recipe for her killer pumpkin chocolate bundt cake or famous (ok maybe not, but should be) fried okra but in the end the Yum-yums won.

What you need: (for a slightly more diet friendly version I cut the seasonings in half)
2 bags or boxes of oyster crackers
1 package of ranch dressing mix
1 cup lite salad dressing ( or olive oil)
1 tsp dill weed
half a tsp of garlic salt
half a tsp of lemon pepper
and I skip the parmesan cheese, but feel free to go nuts!

How to:
mix the oil and seasonings together, pour over crackers and stir till all the oil is evenly absorbed.

Cozy up with your DVR and enjoy. xx Haylie